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Interview with BIS films

Hey there, Katherine and Emmanuel of BIS films wrote a little blog post about who we are and what we do! Really appreciate the time they took to do this. Click here to read their blog post!

Arctic Mosque opens it’s doors!

The little mosque in the arctic that’s been causing an international media buzz has finally opened its doors yesterday november 10th at 2pm. Since the mosque’s arrival in Inuvik on September 23rd, many people lent a helping hand to help finish the final needed renovations. A contractor from Ontario, who had heard about the mosque

Nouvelle interface! New look!

L’automne est une saison de changements, et pour l’occasion notre site adopte une nouvelle allure! Un look un peu different, mais les mêmes contenus et à peu près la même navigation. Merci de nous suivre, à contre-courants, ou dans le sens du poil… Fall is a season of change, and for this occasion our site

Mosque arrives in Inuvik!

If you overheard the small-talk in Inuvik these past weeks you probably heard something about the ‘little mosque in the tundra’, or ‘the little mosque in the arctic’. Everybody in Inuvik, us included, were eagerly anticipating the arrival of the mosque. Rumours were circulating and everybody (this included the shipping company) seemed to have a